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Fox Renderfarm has different competitive price schemes that best suit your needs.

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Render Farm price, render farm low cost

Hardware and Software Specs

Fox Renderfarm has 2,000 servers, each has 2 Intel Xeon E5645 processors, 24-64GB RAM.

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Render Farm Software and Hardware Spec

Intelligent Platform

Submit task via WEB;
Auto-detect whether files are lost;
Real-time email notice.

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Render Farm Intelligent Platform--Cloud Rendering

Nonstop Service

24 hours* 7 days render service from Fox Renderfarm allows you to render at any time.

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Fox Render Farm 24 Hrs Service

The New 'Cloud' Era

With over 2,000 render nodes standing by, in Fox Renderfarm you can submit render online in the cloud: better, and faster. Founded in 2010, Fox aims at providing the best render service to the whole CG industry.

Being capable of rendering HD and Ultra HD animations, our services have been approved by thousands of CG production companies with quality performance and competitive price. Fox is committed to fulfill every client's demand and keeps moving forward all the time.